of Music at St. Barrahane's Church

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St. Barrahane's Church Castletownshend,

(8 km from Skibbereen)

Co. Cork, P81 AH51


SUNDAY 1 OCTOBER 2017, 3 pm




It was of course very unfortunate that the Stavros Youth Choir from Togliatti, Samara could not perform on Saturday 19th August in St. Barrahane's Church. They were not allowed to travel from Moscow to London Heathrow as they did not have Transit visa.

These appeared to be needed to move from one terminal to the other (most likely Terminal 5). Neither their travel agency nor British Airways had made them aware of this. The kind people who organise their stay in Ireland also have never come across this prerequisite.

But as their visa for Ireland are valid until the 12th of October they managed to rearrange their schedule.

So it is with great joy and pleasure that we do welcome them to West Cork, albeit for a shorter period.


The youth choir «Stavros» was founded in 2014 from the famous groups of the Samara region:

The choir «Ladya», Vocal ensemble «Melody», Musical school No. 4 under the name of V.M. Sverdlov and the Children choir of the Orthodox Classic Gymnasium Togliatti, Samara region, Russia.

Among these choral groups the Composite choir in 2016 got the name «Stavros» per blessing of Samara and Syzran Archbishop Sergey, as children-youth choir of Samara eparchy to participate in festive divine-services of Togliatti.

The total choir is about 100 people in the age from 9 'till 25.

In December 2015 the choir performed in Germany (Hamburg, Lubeck, Bremen).

The choir «Stavros» was Prizewinner of the 2nd grade in the Premiere All-Russian competition of choirs «Globus Cantata» in Sochi, March 2016, and 3rd in the All-Russian choral competition «Christmas Expectation» in Moscow, December 2016.

«Stavros» has three children-youth groups, all students and graduates of the Musical school No. 4 under the name of V.M. Sverdlov, each having its own repertoire.

Since 2014 the choir is collaborating with the symphonic orchestra of the Togliatti Philharmonic Hall. Together with the orchestra and the students choir «Resonans» of the Samara Culture Institute and the municipal choir «Aura» they performed «Requiem» Mozart, Fantasy c-moll Beethoven, Mess Schubert g-moll, 9th symphony Beethoven. Since May 2016 the choir is participating in the festive morning and evening bishopric services of Preobrazhensky cathedral in Togliatti. The choir conductor is the honoured worker of culture of Russia, Galina Devyatkina. The accompanist is Olga Levkina. The choirmasters are Marina Zabolkina and Andrey Konovalov. Soloists are Nikita Lysko, Svetlana Kolchanova, Elena Konovalova and Semen Antipenko.